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Jon Crooke is a pioneer of 'green' residential architecture and the Small House movement. In 1979, his Design Studio built the first green energy ‘project homes’ in Australia, the Big and Little Solar Houses range of kit and project homes.


By the mid 80‘s the company was one of the biggest kit home suppliers in Australia. Two of the Studio's designs, the ‘Kinglake’ in Victoria and the ‘Cherrybrook’ in NSW, won the industries top solar design awards. The Studio’s projects have won numerous other awards and have been featured in books, periodicals and other media, highlighting Jon's pioneering work in green architecture.


Over 40 years of designing affordable green dwellings, the Studio has explored ways to reduce the tremendous impacts that buildings have on the environment, and ways to live that are sustainable in the long term. The House Company's Towable Studio House, Core House and Bespoke Post and Beam Earth Sheltered homes, are defining products of that research.



Jon designs and builds the world's first racing car simulators - the Hyper Stimulator - and in doing so spawns a massive world wide industry. His product line includes home units and full size commercial simulators.


Jon and son Dean co-design and build a new concept in super-kart chassis which goes on to beat the best of the world's leading super-kart manufacturers.

2009 - NOW

Jon and Dean, have designed and developed the Hyper Racer range of racing cars. The current product line-up includes two tarmac track cars and an off-road race car. These vehicles have been described as "game changers", and provide the driver with performance levels previously unheard of, at an affordable price.

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