The studio is passionate about designing refined, elegant and exciting products, at affordable prices.


The Studio's principal designer - Jon Crooke - works primarily in the areas of architecture and automotive design.

The Studio's architectural projects focus on solar green energy and earth sheltered homes. Automotive projects encompass racing cars, racing car simulators and custom motorcycle design. The Studio has also ventured into board game design with a 21st century take on the game of chess and with a 'public space' feature where the playing pieces never go AWOL.

As an 'imagineer', Jon has produced many firsts including, in 1979, the first green energy 'project' homes in Australia, and in 1991, the world's first racing car simulators. These two concepts have spawned massive industries both in Australia and, in the case of the simulators, worldwide.

X1 Winton first test 01.jpg

Most see things as they are, and ask “why?” -  But some dream of things that never were, and ask “why not?”

© 2017 by Jon Crooke

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